Toby Ahrens

Caleb Furgatch - bass, Toby Ahrens - drums

Caleb Furgatch – bass, Toby Ahrens – drums

About Toby Ahrens

Drummer, percussionist, composer, educator Toby Ahrens was inspired in his early years to play guitar and piano and then later found that the drums were a better way to release all that youthful energy. Gary Ross, a neighbor who played drums, introduced Toby to the traditional grip, which translated nicely to playing on the old-school marching snare, the kind with a strap around the shoulder and metal leg brace. He marched in the middle school band circa 1975. His drum set education consisted of listening to vinyl recordings on his Kenwood turntable and mimicking drummers from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Doobie Brothers, Grand Funk Railroad, Average White Band, Tower of Power and many pop recordings. It was in his late teens that he got introduced to all the great jazz recordings and found a new wealth of music to explore. Jazz led him to discover the deep rhythm of world music, specifically music from Cuba and Brazil. He now uses in-ear monitors and an iPod to listen to and learn music. Cool how technology made it easier to rewind the music and replay those difficult passages a 1,000 times.

For gigs or drum lessons contact Toby 619-889-6682